May Flyer #2

May 1 - May 31, 2019
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Glass Cleaner 990ml 27416
Glass Cleaner 4L 28416
Description Part Number
Scot Show Towels - Roll 75120
Krew 300 Wipers - Box 33920
Krew 400 Shop Towels - Roll 33046
Description Part Number
Spotlight Mini 111111
Mini 21 LED pivot Light 111115
Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 990ml 25416
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 4L 26416
Industrial Strength Cleaner / Degreaser 20L 29416
Description Part Number
Multi-Purpose Product 342g 01122
Multi-Purpose Product 3.785L 01110
Description Part Number
2-1/2" Round Clearance Marker 45812
2" Round Clearance Marker 45822
2-1/2" Round Clearance Marker w/ Built-in Reflector 45832
Description Part Number
HD Thermostat Seal Installer 35650
Lock Rod Release Tool For Ford 34950
Description Part Number
4" Heavy Duty Repair Cords ST1933
Self-Vulc Cement 235ml SV8
Description Part Number
1Tank Diesel Power Renew 444ml 75816
1Tank Diesel Power Renew 946ml 75832
Description Part Number
Spark Plugs Various
Description Part Number
View Glass Treatment 47100

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Product may not be exactly as shown.