April Flyer #2

April 1 - April 31, 2018
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
When ordering on-line, enter the part number listed below on the Product Search page.

Bestbuy Pro
Description Part Number
Cleaner / Degreaser 990ml Spray Bottle 25416
Cleaner / Degreaser 4L Jug 26416
Glass Cleaner 990ml Spray Bottle 57416
Glass Cleaner 4L Jug 28416
Description Part Number
Krew 500 Shop HD Towels - Box 33933
Krew 600 Shop HD Towels - Box 33944
Krew 600 Shop HD Towels - Rolls 33889
Description Part Number
Red High Strength Threadlocker 36ml 26240
Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker 36ml 24240
Description Part Number
Grease-X Mechanic's Laundry Detergent 25570
Silicone Ceramic Brake Lubricant 236ml 24122
Right Stuff Gasket Maker 147ml 30874
Right Stuff Gasket Maker 300ml 30876
Description Part Number
FLEX Work Light 111131
CURVE Work Light 111133
HEMImini Work Light 114301
Description Part Number
Lubricant / Cleaner 311g Spray Can 01111
Lubricant / Cleaner 20oz Trigger Pro 01219
Description Part Number
1/2" x 335' Reel Polypropylene Rope A1PJ/012
6mil Powder Free Nitrile Disposable Gloves Medium - Box 100 7924556M
Description Part Number
Blue 20 x 16 Standard Tack Cloths - Blue 020002B
Blue 20 x 16 Standard Tack Cloths - Gold 020002G
Blue 20 x 12 Economy Tack Cloths - Blue 020001B
Blue 20 x 12 Economy Tack Cloths - Gold 020001G
OV/95 Cartridge Respirator - Medium 8211P
OV/95 Cartridge Respirator - Large 8311P
Description Part Number
Spill Free Funnel Package 24970
Offset Spark Plug Boot Pliers 51410
STC Fitting Release Tool Set 38450
Description Part Number
Mega-Blast Siren 65805
Description Part Number
M10x1.5 Thread Repair Kit 5546-10
5/16-18" Thread Repair Kit 5521-5
Perfect Steel
Description Part Number
Perfect Steel QuikStik Wheel Weights 500576FE
Perfect Steel QuikRoll Wheel Weights 500576FER

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Some items may require special order or be available in limited quantities only.
Product may not be exactly as shown.