March Flyer #1

March 1 - March 31, 2023
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
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Dynamic Tools
Description Part Number
89pc 1/4" - 3/8"- 1/2"Metric / SAE Socket Set D106001
Description Part Number
3-1/2 - 3-5/8" Oil Filter Wrench 53500
4-1/4 - 4-1/2" Oil Filter Wrench 53550
Description Part Number
97db Backup Alarm w/ Stud Connectors 73040
107db Backup Alarm w/ Wire Connectors 73090
Description Part Number
1100 Peak Amp Jump Starter SJ1328
Description Part Number
Pistol Grip Grease Gun w/ Flex Lead PB-G18
Lever Type Grease Gun PB-G24
Quality Automotive Products
Description Part Number
Heavy Duty Multi-Purpose Grease 400g Tube FXG000111
Multi-Purpose Grease 400g Tube FXG000211
Description Part Number
Heavy Duty 80W-90 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20043
Synthetic 75W-90 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20047
Synthetic 75W-140 Gear Oil 946ml Bottle 20121
Description Part Number
Wypall X70 Reusable Shop Towels 41455
Superior Glove
Description Part Number
String Net Work Gloves w/ Poly Palm Size 6 S13GPU-6
String Net Work Gloves w/ Poly Palm Size 7 S13GPU-7
String Net Work Gloves w/ Poly Palm Size 8 S13GPU-8
String Net Work Gloves w/ Poly Palm Size 9 S13GPU-9
String Net Work Gloves w/ Poly Palm Size 10 S13GPU-10
Description Part Number
Red High Strength Threadlocker 36ml 26240
Blue Medium Strength Threadlocker 36ml 24240
Gray Professional Tools
Description Part Number
1/4" 20-150 in/lb H.D. Micro Torque Wrench MIR150HD
3/8" 20-150 in/lb H.D. Micro Torque Wrench MIR250HD
3/8" 10-100 ft/lb H.D. Micro Torque Wrench MFR100HD
Description Part Number
Flaring Tool Set 31310
J-B Weld
Description Part Number
Original Formula Cold Weld 8265SCAN
Kwik Weld 8276CAN
Description Part Number
14/3 - 8m Extension Cord 20-0508
14/3 - 15m Extension Cord 20-0515
14/3 - 30m Extension Cord 20-0530
Description Part Number
10" Tarp Strap 52210C
15" Tarp Strap 52215C
21" Tarp Strap 52221C
31" Tarp Strap 52231C
Description Part Number
Di-Electric Tune-up Grease 28g Tube 22066
Di-Electric Tune-up Grease 85g Tube 22064
Di-Electric Tune-up Grease 85g Spray Can 22065
Fast Orange
Description Part Number
Lotion Hand Cleaner with Pumice 25219
Description Part Number
Butane Micro Torch 8247-31
Description Part Number
Brake Fluid - 1L Bottle DOT3-1L
Brake Fluid - 350ml Bottle DOT3-350
Brake Fluid - 500ml Bottle DOT3-500
Brake Fluid - 4L Jug DOT3-4L
Description Part Number
Injector Cleaner 350ml 695
Engine Flush 350ml 637
Engine Seal 350ml 702
Description Part Number
0-6IN/0-150mm Range Electronic Calipers 817000
0-8IN/0-200mm Range Electronic Calipers 817001
0-12IN/0-300mm Range Electronic Calipers 817002
Description Part Number
Open Gear Drive Lubricant 53E102
Slap Shot PL Cleaner / Degreaser 53C552
Description Part Number
Automotive Trim Fasteners Various

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