July Flyer #1

July 2 - July 31, 2019
These specials can be ordered through your sales representative, our Order Desk, in person at our store Location, or On-Line.
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Quality Automotive Products
Description Part Number
5W-20 Motor Oil 946ml FX0002215
5W-30 Motor Oil 946ml FX0002015
10W-30 Motor Oil 946ml FX0002115
15W-40 Motor Oil 946ml FX0003415
Description Part Number
Reflective Work Shirts Yellow Short Sleeve TS1103 LYL xxx
Reflective Work Shirts Orange Short Sleeve TS1103 ORG xxx
Reflective Work Shirts Yellow Long Sleeve TS1203 LYL xxx
Reflective Work Shirts Orange Long Sleeve TS1203 ORG xxx
Limited Size / Quantities Available  
Description Part Number
Round Shovel w/ D-grip Handle CHR2FD
Round Shovel w/ Straight Handle CHR2FL
Drain Spade w/ D-grip Handle CHDS14FD
Square Shovel w/ D-grip Handle CHS2D
Square Shovel w/ Straight Handle CHS2L
Description Part Number
Versatile 4-in-1 Fan 60471
Description Part Number
29 Piece SAE Drill Bit Set DR06228
Description Part Number
1" x 26'/8m English / Metric Tape Measure KTX1-26ME-N
1" x 25' English Tape Measure KTX1-25-N
Description Part Number
White Grease 225g Tube 907
White Grease 450g Spray Can 904
Description Part Number
Cleaner / Degreaser 3.78L Jug 08010-16
Cleaner / Degreaser 946ml Spray Bottle 08010-66
Description Part Number
Spill Clean-up Kits Various
Super Clean
Description Part Number
Yellow Flagging Tape SAM831
Green Flagging Tape SAM832
Howard Leight
Description Part Number
Firmfit Uncorded Ear Plugs - Box / 200 pairs FF-1
North Safety
Description Part Number
Bionic Face Shield S8500
Description Part Number
5" Angle Grinder 601240420
Description Part Number
Electronic Protractor 877018
Description Part Number
Cement Wedge Anchors Various
Available in most popular sizes  
Description Part Number
Aluminum Oxide Fibre Discs 7x7/8 24 Grit 77696009804
Aluminum Oxide Fibre Discs 7x7/8 36 Grit 77696009805
Aluminum Oxide Fibre Discs 7x7/8 50 Grit 77696009806
Description Part Number
3/8", 9200lb Load Binder 45943-21
Description Part Number
15' x 20' Blue Tarp 181520
20' x 30' Blue Tarp 182030
20' x 30' Clear Tarp 182033
30' x 50' Heavy Duty Clear Tarp 183059
Description Part Number
Engine Shampoo 454g Can 824
Engine Shampoo 4L Jug 645
Engine Shampoo 20L Pail 644
Description Part Number
High Performance Thread Sealant 50ml 56521
Flange Sealant 50ml 51550
High Temperature Thread Sealant 50ml 59234
Description Part Number
High Tack Spray-A-Gasket 80546
H.D. Spray Adhesive 27829
Superior Glove
Description Part Number
TenActive Composite Gloves Size 8 STAGBPU-8
TenActive Composite Gloves Size 9 STAGBPU-9
TenActive Composite Gloves Size 10 STAGBPU-10
TenActive Composite Gloves Size 11 STAGBPU-11
TenActive Composite Gloves Size 12 STAGBPU-12

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Prices and specifications are subject to change without notice.
Some items may require special order or be available in limited quantities only.
Product may not be exactly as shown.